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**APPROVED by the NCCAOM For 12 Professional Development Activity (PDA) Continuing Education Units**

Dear Fellow Acupuncturist,

I love being an acupuncturist! It is incredibly rewarding to help people regain their health, restore their hope and reignite their passion for living (often in spite of seemingly insurmountable obstacles).

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AOM) is a constantly evolving field with new advances made every day.  In a mere 25+ years the field has gone from a new-age fad to a respected health care system protected by legislative statutes in 43 states and the District of Columbia.

Did you know that the demand for experts in AOM is also on the rise?  Between 2002 and 2007 the number of visits to acupuncturists rose 32%!

And that’s not all… Americans are putting their money where their mouth is. The same study revealed that American adults spent $33.9 billion out-of-pocket “in the past year” on visits to complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practitioners and for purchases of CAM products, classes, and materials for self-care.

This is GREAT news!

At least it should be. The reality is despite the increased consumer spending and demand for acupuncturists and CAM therapies, acupuncture practitioners are struggling to build thriving and sustainable businesses.

You may be among the many acupuncturists who report facing significant business challenges, including:

  • High debt from student loans and business expenses
  • Inability to find enough patients to fill your schedule
  • Inadequate cash flow to cover monthly expenses (let alone ‘extras’ like car repairs or vacations)
  • Confusion about where to go to get business education
  • Underdeveloped marketing skills and mistrust of so-called ‘experts’
  • Working (and worrying) month-to-month without a stable marketing plan in place
  • Inadequate planning for a secure financial future (with little or no health care insurance or retirement plan)

But it gets worse. Much worse

According to my personal online survey of 107 acupuncturists, roughly 84% of acupuncturists report being in significant debt (50% owe $50,000 or more), 74% are without health insurance, 90% don’t have life insurance, 75% don’t have a retirement account and more than half have never considered what they will do with their practice when they retire.

This is scary stuff, especially when you take into consideration the current economy and the dire projections for health care costs.

It’s obvious that planning a secure financial future should be of paramount importance to all acupuncturists.

(I’m sorry to give you all this bummer news but don’t despair! There is hope! Just hang in there with me for just a moment longer…)

You see, I just showed you that people are paying BILLIONS OF DOLLARS a year to gain access to your AOM knowledge, skills, products and services, right?

There are people right now this very second experiencing headaches, allergies, cancer, insomnia, diabetes, depression, ADHD, arthritis, whiplash, infertility, et cetera,  et cetera,  et cetera (seriously, I could go on & on!) who are desperately looking for help.

The question is, why haven’t they found you?

Why are you, like most acupuncturists, struggling to get these people (who are clearly ready, willing and able) to line up outside your door?

Here’s why…

Acupuncture colleges do not teach business administration and marketing to the extent that it is needed to develop a sustainable, let alone thriving, practice. And there isn’t a specific business and marketing program developed to meet the unique needs of acupuncturists.

That is, until now.

I’ve spent the past five years putting together and testing a marketing system developed just for acupuncturists.

I call it Acupuncture Business Academy because it is designed with purpose and intention to follow the same simple method of learning progression that made you a skilled acupuncturist, herbalist and provider of all things AOM.

In other words, if you can complete the course work required to become an acupuncturist (which obviously you can), then you can apply that exact same skill set to achieving business and marketing success through the Acupuncture Business Academy program (and you get a bunch of Professional Development Activity (PDA) credits at the same time)!

I have taken my time and done my research to assure the quality and effectiveness of Acupuncture Business Academy.  (Which is why you have not heard much from me in the past year or so.)

Many of you already know me through my website and my ebooks and videos that I have created to help acupuncturists avoid mistakes and succeed more quickly.

I appreciate your many kind comments of support and enthusiasm over the years!

As a new graduate, with fresh license in hand, and beginning practice anxiety that knows no bounds (even though my school did have some practice management classes):  “Thank you!!!!”
Thanks again for that comprehensive presentation, that you thankfully also have a pdf format of, so that I can refer to it on the sly!

Margarita A.

Lisa  -what a fantastic resource and inspiration you are!  Thank-you for your clarity and willingness to share what you’ve learned!  As a massage therapist I have made all the same mistakes and now as someone taking the next step of higher education w/acupuncture school I feel fortunate to have your Insights as a guide along the way. BRAVO!


I start my acupuncture classes start this July and am planning three years ahead for both business and marketing plans.  My goal was to find someone with the experience, failures and successes I could delve information from.  Your website so impressed me.   The content, context and material is so relevant.  Kudos and many thanks.

Richard A

I needed a crash course on business, and Lisa Hanfileti provided invaluable resources towards this goal.  Her website, “10 Big Mistakes” video, and business plan enabled me to quickly and effectively secure the funding I needed to make my dream a reality.

Julie B.

Thank you very much for the wonderful information that you had provided.  I found it very helpful.  I even forwarded the information to several friends that are getting ready to start their practices.

Donna C.

Hi Lisa, I found your website very instructive.  I am a Belgian of 35 years old and currently I live in south of France where I practice acupuncture since 4 years. Thank you for your attention.

Vincent T

I’m a first year student in a combined Acupuncture/Herbs program, so I won’t be in business for a while, but I want to give myself time to think about business issues.  I don’t want to be scrambling to make major decisions in my senior year.  I love the web site, I find it very helpful to have so many resources in one place. …

Jocelyn M.

Hello Lisa, Thank you for providing people like myself with all of your valuable tips and information!  I have enjoyed going through everything you have produced so far… keep it coming!

Drew N

Hi Lisa, I recently graduated  from Acupuncture school, last week and I’m so excited and nervous about starting my own business.  Your information is fabulous and I already ordered your complementary and alternative ebook which is great!  It seems so overwhelming, but I’m trying daily to take steps toward opening up my business.

I’m sure I have tons of questions, but I’m looking and going through your ebook and videos and many of my questions are being answered. I hope to speak with you at another point in time. Thank you for showing us new and old Acupuncture Physicians how to build a great, successful business!!

Take care and all the best!!

Dear Lisa, Your seminar was great!  I really enjoyed it.  I had some intention that might leave at lunch time because I had so many things to do, but felt that I couldn’t leave. The seminar comes at a very opportune time for me and has given me much direction in how to develop my present website. I would recommend your seminar to anyone who has an acupuncture practice, success or no.


Your trust in me is appreciated and I’m happy to report that I believe that the outlook for acupuncturists from a business perspective has never looked better!

I have (finally) figured out why other successful marketing systems (like ones for chiropractors or dentists) DO NOT work for acupuncturists. I’ve created a simple step-by-step method of  teaching this marketing system so it’s easy for you to implement and you don’t have to “feel like a marketer” to effectively promote your services.

In fact, I’ll teach you why remaining in alignment with who you are as an acupuncturist is a much more effective marketing method than trying to become some sort of marketing specialist or website expert.

When you are ready to roll up your sleeves and do a bit of work, I’ll share with you my “Learn, Earn & Serve” business model for acupuncturists and the simple marketing system that goes with it.

This 2-day class includes personalized activities to show you how to customize an effective marketing plan for your business.  Each participant will receive:

  • The Acupuncture Business Academy Course Manual includes all the key informational slides to minimize your worry about “missing something” during the class and to use as a reference after the class.
  • The Acupuncture Business Academy Monday Morning Resource Guide specifically designed to keep you implementing and moving your business forward long after the seminar is over.
  • Access to the Acupuncture Business Academy Private Membership site to continue to receive the most up-to-date information, personalized support and connect & network with other acupuncturists.

If you’ve been losing sleep worrying about how to market, promote, fill and grow your acupuncture practice then please join me for this  practice-changing event so you can earn more income and fulfill your dreams of helping people!

This event is ideal and especially useful for:

  • Acupuncture students who are looking ahead for a running start to set up a strong foundation to successfully market their practice.
  • Acupuncturists who are: solo practitioners, in a partnership or group practice, running a community style clinic, working as an acupuncture associate, independent contractor or as a hired acupuncturist.
  • Acupuncture providers who are legally providing Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AOM) as part of their practice, regardless of certification, degree or education (including those who practice outside the USA).
  • Experienced acupuncturists (especially those approaching retirement) who would like to market effectively to keep their schedules as full as they choose, increase passive revenue streams and improve the health of their business without working longer hours.

Class Description:

You may not realize how the same effortless skills you use to treat and communicate with patients every day can easily (and almost invisibly) be applied to your marketing.

With just a little focused attention, any acupuncturist (yes, you included!) can put an effective marketing system into place so that it feels natural and in alignment with your desire to help as many people as possible.

In this class you will learn through presentation and personalized exercises the Core Curriculum of Acupuncture Business Academy, including how to:

1.    Fill your schedule: better yet, how to schedule your fulfillment
2.    Generate more income: straight talk about money matters
3.    Protect your practice: what to do when facing circumstances beyond your control (e.g. a ‘bad’ economy, illness, injury, and other unexpected challenges)

Participants who complete the Core Curriculum will be given special opportunities to access the Advanced Levels of Acupuncture Business Academy where I cover topics that include:

4.    Career longevity: position, package and promote your custom program
5.    Healthy Retirement: local patients & global customers
6.    Transition from serving patients to serving the profession: how to sell your practice and help new acupuncturists

Athough the Advanced topics are taught in a separate module, these important concepts are included in the foundation of the Core Curriculum.

Here is just a sampling of what you’ll learn:

  • How to most effectively use and combine specific online and offline marketing methods to organically grow your acupuncture practice
  • The four basics elements of an effective acupuncture marketing plan so you can customize your own
  • How to get more of the patients you most enjoy treating through your doors (and steer clear of those patients you prefer not to work with)
  • Scheduling strategies that prevent burn out and promote more free time
  • Creating a fee schedule that matches your financial needs, goals and future
  • Website basics that allow you to easily take advantage of the most affordable and powerful marketing available to acupuncturists (without needing to become a webmaster… seriously, stop trying to learn “SEO”)
  • The blessing and curse of using social media (like Facebook & Twitter) and how to use it effectively and professionally
  • Ethics in online marketing and internet based communication with current and potential patients
  • Passive income strategies to complement your acupuncture practice services (including affiliate marketing, advertising partners, professional referral partners, online stores and selling products on your website)
  • Communication skills which have the greatest impact on your patients and marketing, including:
    o    How NOT to answer the phone – please stop doing this!
    o    Voicemail messages that get new patients through your doors
    o    Direct mail messages that generate loyal customers, referrals and new patients
    o    What to say when networking with other professionals to create long lasting referral partners
  • What you need to know about smart phone technologies to keep your business within reach (literally!) of new and current patients
  • How to avoid feeling paralyzed with overwhelm so you can continue to do what you love and make an important difference in the world
  • Evaluating your business and marketing milestones so you can eliminate wasted costs and invest in only what has proven results
  • Support systems and networking opportunities for Acupuncture Business Academy graduates
  • And much MUCH more!

Lunch on Friday & Saturday is provided by Acupuncture Business Academy. I am happy to pick up the tab for your healthy lunch on both days!

Class Dates:
Spring 2012 Dates TBA

Class Time:
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. with a 90 minute catered lunch each day (included)

Portland, OR at George Fox University, Tigard Campus, Room 155

Price: $599*

12 PDAs approved by the NCCAOM

My Personal 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

100% Satisfaction GuaranteeWhen you attend Acupuncture Business Academy, if you are not 100% satisfied with the material being presented, simply tell me by lunchtime on Day 1, I’ll give you a short form to fill out and off you go! Your refund for the class will be issued within 30 days with no hard feelings! (See ABA Terms & Conditions For Live Events for complete details.)

Please note: This class has limited seating and will most likely sell out! Please make your arrangements early (like now!) to ensure that your seat is reserved.

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Lisa Hanfileti, LAc is a licensed acupuncturist with a full time practice in Vancouver, Washington since the year 2000. She is the founder of Acupuncture Business Academy and author of the website, & book, “Complementary & Alternative Marketing”, as well as numerous articles on marketing methods for acupuncturists.  Lisa is dedicated to providing affordable and effective cutting edge business development and marketing strategies for the acupuncture profession. (NCCAOM PDA Provider #1010)

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